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[MediaWiki-l] BlueSpice MediaWiki 3.1 released / Docker Edition

Richard Heigl
Hello everybody!

we released BlueSpice 3.1 a few days ago and the free version is available for download. [1]

But there is more! With this release, for the first time, we provide an official Docker version on Docker Hub.
For systems that support this container technology, the installation of test and production systems has become extremely simplified. [2]

Just a few notes about BlueSpice 3.1.
Version 3.1 is a minor release, brings many improvements and interesting new features. [3]

== Completely redesigned title section ==
* Focus on convenience: See and modify relevant page information at a glance
* Category handling: Categories are now shown in the title section and can be edited
* Quality management: State of a page is displayed and can be changed
* Page neighborhood: Subpages and related pages are shown in a breadcrumb navigation and can be easily be explored

== UX improvements ==
* UX audit: Many improvements in iconography, labeling and navigation
* Page load masks: Indicator for system activity to create a smoother experience
* Fullscreen mode: Switch the wiki to full screen for more space
* Accessibility audit: Many improvements regarding accessibility for screen readers

== Search ==
* Better scoring: Several tunings to provide a more natural search result order. E.g. base names have preference over subpages
* Flexible autocomplete: It is now possible to use multiple infixes. E.g. search for "blue 3" results in BlueSpice 3.0
* Similar pages: Pages with similar terms can be found in the page information flyout

== VisualEditor ==
* Table formatting: Change the width and height of cells and apply various stylings
* Text colors: Add colors to words and table backgrounds
* File handling: It is now easier to link to files and upload files directly to namespaces
* Convenience: Less clicks in file and save dialogs

== Performance boost ==
* Complete performance audit: This leads to a significantly faster page load
* Support for nginx: This results in a major performance boost

== Timeline / Social (Pro Edition) ==
* Integrated discussion page: Both classical wiki text and threaded discussions are stored on one page
* One step creation: Attachment and discussion sections can now be created in one click

== Semantic (Pro Edition) ==
* BlueSpice 3.1 pro is now available with Semantic MediaWiki 3.0

All details:
* Release notes, [4]
* System requirements, [5]
* Installation and update guide, [6]
* Download of BlueSpice 3.1 free, [1]
can be found via the release page. [3]

If you want to take a look into the system, the public demo is available at any time. [7]
By the way, this will be equipped with new demo content in the next days.

We would like to thank everyone who made this release possible!
With code review, with translations or critical comments: You are always a huge help and without you this release would not exist or not in this quality.

Thank you very much once again!

[1] https://bluespice.com/download-bluespice/
[2] https://hub.docker.com/r/bluespice/bluespice-free
[3] https://en.wiki.bluespice.com/wiki/BlueSpice_3.1
[4] https://en.wiki.bluespice.com/wiki/Setup:Release_Notes
[5] https://en.wiki.bluespice.com/wiki/Setup:System_requirements
[6] https://en.wiki.bluespice.com/wiki/Setup:Installation_Guide
[7] https://en.demo.bluespice.com/wiki/Main_Page

Richard Heigl

Hallo Welt! GmbH

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