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Sorry if this an 'asked & answered' topic. 
After stumbling through MediaWiki for a couple years, I still find the documentation fairly unnavigable. (When an appropriate page is discovered, it often seems to say something can be done & gives an example but the markup cannot be viewed.)
Just subscribed to the maillist today and have not yet discovered how to search its archives. Nor do I know the correct search terms.
We use MediaWiki for our open source software project documentation.
Can images be resized to match whatever font size the visitor is using for inline graphics? That is, are there resolution independent terms instead of pixels (px)? The 'vertical alignment' references text-top & text-bottom... so the image handler already knows these dimensions.
In particular, I have icons from the GUI that I'd like fit inline without affecting the leading.I also hope to float left, spanning 2 to 3 lines... similar to the way you'd use a drop cap. 
Currently, my icon images in px almost disappear on a high DPI display.

Reference examples:https://www.gramps-project.org/wiki/index.php/Gramps_Glossary#primary_object


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