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eQuality Technology

On our wiki (1.34 and is public), I'm trying to load an external library of JavaScript and then record a pageview for web analytics. So I wrote a simple extension.

Extension Not working

The extension I created AdobeLaunch

  • changes content on the page (See ‘Adobe Launcher was here’ on any page),
  • and shows as installed on Special:Version

But, the javascript code is not loaded at all.

Pure JavaScript Not working

I tried a pure JavaScript implementation (e.g. MediaWiki:Common.js) too without success.

/* Adobe Launch added 2020-11-09  */

$( document ).ready(function() {
	console.log( "ready! Recording Page View\n" );
    	'site_id': 'FamilySearch',
    	'site_language': mw.config.get('wgContentLanguage'), // 'en'
    	'page_channel': 'Wiki',
    	'page_detail': document.location.pathname //'Home' for the homepage or a unique page title for other pages

Gadget Definition Not working

I also tried a Gadgets implementation but it wouldn’t work. (Activate it here)

 FamilySearch Wiki


function init() { /* Code that depends on document-ready, external script, and some modules. */ console.log( "ready! Recording Page View\n" ); window._satellite.track('page_view',{


~ Greg

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