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[MediaWiki-l] MediaWiki 1.31.10 patching issues

Sam Reed
Hello all,

Sorry for the numerous emails on this usually quiet mailing list.

It came to our attention that the 1.31.10 patch doesn't apply ontop of the 1.31.9 patch [1]. This was due to the diff patches being created ignoring whitespace, which we are slightly surprised this hasn't bitten us before. It has been fixed going forward.

To that extent, if you have already applied mediawiki-1.31.9.patch.gz [2] and mediawiki-1.31.10.patch.gz [3] won't apply ontop of it, please use mediawiki-1.31.10-fixup.patch.gz [4] instead.

The signature can be found at mediawiki-1.31.10-fixup.patch.gz.sig [5] for those who verify their downloaded files.

If you haven't yet upgraded, I have re-issued the 1.31.9.patch [2] and 1.31.10.patch [3] to take account of the whitespace changes. So you can download those two patches fresh and they should apply as expected (i.e. follow the original instructions).

If you require the old version of those patches, they can be found below:
* mediawiki-1.31.10.patch.gz.old [6]
* mediawiki-1.31.10.patch.gz.old.sig [7]
* mediawiki-1.31.9.patch.gz.old [8]
* mediawiki-1.31.9.patch.gz.old.sig [9]

Once again I apologise for the inconvenience, but hopefully this resolves all outstanding issues.



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