[MediaWiki-l] Pywikibot is ending Python 2 support!

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[MediaWiki-l] Pywikibot is ending Python 2 support!

Martin Urbanec
Together with the last Python 2 release from April, 2020, Pywikibot team
will release the **last version that supports Python 2**. We created a
**python2" tag** marking the version, so you can continue running your
Python 2 scripts using this tag, if you really need to.

After that version, Pywikibot is not going to receive any further patches
and bug fixes related to Python 2. Its code is going to be cleaned from
Python 2 specific functions, patches, deprecations and other stuff, so make
sure you'll use this tag if you still want to run Pywikibot using Python 2.

Pywikibot team strongly recommends to migrate your scripts to Python 3. To
make it happen, you can use Python 2to3 script installed by default with
Python 2.6+, see https://docs.python.org/2/library/2to3.html. You can also
just try to run your script using Python 3 (the "-simulate" parameter could
be handy) and fix all the issues. If you encounter problems with the
migration, you can always ask us here:

Best regards,

Martin Urbanec and Dvorapa
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